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Date and place of birth: 9.12.1992, Košice (Slovakia)
Height: 171cm
Weight: 67kg
Marital status: single
Boot size: 7.5 (UK)
Jersey number: 9
Position: midfielder, attacker
Football idols: Lionel Messi, Theo Wallcott, Scott Sinclair, Bojan Krkić, Giovanni Dos Santos

Nicname: Miňo, Miness
Favourite clubs: Chelsea, Arsenal
favorite colours: black and white
Favorite meal: China, schnitzel on natural basis
favorite drinks: Fanta, Ice tea
Favorite movie: Honey
Favorite music: I like any listenable music

Curriculum vitae

Milan was born to his parents on 9th December 1992.

From his early ages Milan appeared to be very lively and active child what helped him build a strong relation with sports. From the beginning he was trying it on ice with a hockey stick in his hands but after a month he gave it up amazed by bicycle. He could spend all the day on bike, he was just mad about it. Nobody guessed he had a great football talent, not even his father – who just as his wife were teachers at Užhorodská Grammar School – who played for Barca (Košice) at that point. Miňo was not much excited by football from the beginning but he found his way to it. On his sole own.

He started haunting the football at the age of six, first for ´father´s´ Barca, later for 1. FC Košice where he made his way through all youth categories. His extraordinary talent caused that he was always on team among older guys. And he was still outstanding. Miňo´s sport growth was governed by coaches Pach, Saxa, Surgent, Kavka, Servila, R. Lukáč and, first of all, Albert Rusnák, who is untouchable for Lalkovič jr.. "He gave me very much for what I want to thank him hereby," underlines Milan, who was lead by coach Rusnák from 7th (school) year and later in the 1. FC Košice U17 team which was the last Slovak stop in Miňo´s football career.

It was to large extent caused by his premiere for Slovak U15 national team at the beginning of November 2006 when he with excellent performance shined in confrontation with Hungarian (non)contemps. He scored a goal and booked three assists in that match. Not even a week passed and Manchester City claimed interest in Milan. Manchester wanted him in their Academy without any trials! Lalkovič´s did not hurry though and did very good. FIFA agent Milan Lednický informed the family about a serious interest of Chelsea London! Miňo did not hesitate and from the first day of July 2007 he is a member of Abramovič´s famous superclub. Milan will be able to sign contract with ´The Blues´ when he turns 16.



12 Apr 2016
League One
Milan Lalkovič: 84 '
Goal Goal
16 Apr 2016
League One
Milan Lalkovič: 74 '
19 Apr 2016
League One
Milan Lalkovič: 69 '
26 Apr 2016
League One
Milan Lalkovič: 75 '
2 May 2016
League One
Milan Lalkovič: 72 '
8 May 2016
League One
Milan Lalkovič: 85 '

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