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Lalkovič loaned by Vitória

18.07.2012 | Milan Lalkovič
Lalkovič loaned by Vitória

Chelsea player Milan Lalkovič signs one-year contract with Portuguese top-flight side Vitória Guimarães.

Milan started training

06.03.2012 | Milan Lalkovič
Milan started training Although the first reports spoke of a minimum 4-week break, Miňo returned to football pitch very quickly. On Tuesday he joined practise with ADO.

Heading London

25.02.2012 | Milan Lalkovič
Heading London Milan is about to undergo seven days regeneration programme in his home club Chelsea FC.

One month injury break

22.02.2012 | Milan Lalkovič
One month injury break Milan should take 4-weeks off due to hamstring injury, doctors claim on Wednesday.

Dutch debut

20.02.2012 | Milan Lalkovič
Dutch debut Milan made his first appearance in Eredivisie last weekend. Despite his big victorious taste, Den Haag did split points with Excelsior after 1-1 draw.

Waiting for his debut

14.02.2012 | Milan Lalkovič
Waiting for his debut It´s been his first week with ADO Den Haag. Milan is getting used to new place, new team and new football as well.


12 Apr 2016
League One
Milan Lalkovič: 84 '
Goal Goal
16 Apr 2016
League One
Milan Lalkovič: 74 '
19 Apr 2016
League One
Milan Lalkovič: 69 '
26 Apr 2016
League One
Milan Lalkovič: 75 '
2 May 2016
League One
Milan Lalkovič: 72 '
8 May 2016
League One
Milan Lalkovič: 85 '

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